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Trusted Connection Set Up

Trusted connectoin is set up but MDS does not appear in Logged on Clients list


To create trusted connections you have to specify the SAP Gateway process for the MDM Server.

  1. Make sure the "SAP RFC Gateways" values in the mds.ini are correct. Use the ABAP transaction SMGW to find details about the parameters of the gateway, especially values for Gateway Host and Gateway Service: Location of the mds.ini: \usr\sap\<SID>\MDS<instance_number>\config

  2. Enter a value for parameter Trusted SAP Systems= for all trusted SAP systems


In this example mds.ini looks like this:

SAP RFC Gateways= GWHOST=<hGW Host> GWSERV=<GW Server>

Trusted SAP Systems= <SID>


To check whether the MDM Server is properly registered:

In SMGW choose Goto -> Logged on clients and verify that the MDM Server host appears on the list.


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