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Agile Software Engineering (AgileSE) is about the technical practices such as test driven development, test isolation, pair programming, refactoring, clean code, exploratory testing, etc. These practices were taught in the "AgileSE Course" that has been running internally at SAP for several years.

The successor course is now available for free as an openSAP course "Writing testable code for ABAP" and offers all the test automation training parts plus some new material.

Executive Summary

How Agile Software Engineering can boost your software development– and why SAP’s AgileSE courses are the perfect training for your team.

Getting Started with AgileSE

Training and coaching offerings for your development teams

Press reviews and quotes on AgileSE

What participants, managers and the press have to say about SAP’s AgileSE. 

AgileSE Content Introduction Video

Video presentation on the key technical concepts of AgileSE and why and how they work. 

AgileSE Brochure

Overview of the content of AgileSE, the course, and the offering for customers and partners


If you as a customer / partner want an ASE training for your development teams, you can contact our accredited ASE coach Damir Majer at, responsible for ABAP and Java.