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Downpayment Clearing From MIRO - India

Introduction to Down payment clearing from MIRO


From EHP4 release onwards SAP has introduced new functionality in MIRO

transaction, using which you can clear already posted down payments while

posting the MIRO invoice itself. If you are using this functionality

then down payment clearing document will be posted along with the MIRO



Earlier this functionality was not localized for India so down payment

clearing document was not reversing the extra TDS paid during

down payment and invoice, as it does when you run down payment clearing

via. F-54 transaction.


After Localization for India now extra TDS amount paid will be reversed in the

down payment clearing document for Indian Company code, so now we do not

have to separately run down payment clearing transaction after posting

MIRO transaction which will save huge effort of user.


Steps to use this functionality:


  1. ME21N Create purchase order.
  2. F-48 Post vendor Down payment and give PO reference number while creating Down payment.
  3. MIGO/Ml81N- Goods/Service receipt for Purchase order.
  4. MIRO for invoicing:- Now while doing MIRO If you want to clear down payment as well then you select the "Down payment clearing" tab on the top of MIRO. In this case one more accounting document will be generated along with Invoice and this document will be same document which is generated if you clear using F-54 transaction. This document will have TDS Debit entry to reverse the Excess TDS paid.


"Please apply the Note 1737480 to get the India localization for this functionality."

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