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  • Employee Central 1408 released in Hebrew and Arabic with RTL
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Employee Central (EC) is one of SuccessFactors modules, which provides Employee and Employment information. EC is a cloud based HRIS solution which services over 25 million users and 4000 customers in more than 60 industrial sectors globally. It has already been chosen by a number of large global enterprises in Israel as their core HR solution.


As part of release b1408 and to further provide greater global accessibility, EC went through Right-To-Left enablement to support Hebrew and Arabic for Israel & MENA countries. The globalization process of EC included a full translation into Hebrew and Arabic, adjusting the product UI to work in Right-To-Left and localize the record for all workforce data ensuring compliance with local legal regularity.

The Right-To-Left enablement was a joint work of SFSF and Globalization Services - SFSF engineering team and the Internationalization (I18N) team located in Israel. This release is a major first step in firming SAP Cloud Go-To-Market for the Israeli Market and going forward we will continue the effort of expanding our Hebrew supported portfolio to generate a larger cloud related pipeline.

Employee Central provides a single, global system of record for all workforce data in the cloud. It is designed to handle various kinds of users - HR, managers, employees and business leaders. A core HR system typically houses employee’s HR information for global employees. It provides Transactions/Corrections to keep employee’s HR information up to date and allows you to run reports on employee’s HR information to meet compliance or for business analysis. Further, it can be integrated with SAP ERP Payroll.


Ofer Milavski, COO of SAP Israel said: "SAP Israel keeps providing SAP customers in Israel products with the highest standards, and with an emphasis on quality and adjustment to the local regulations in Israel."

Miri Shimony, the Local Product Manager for Israel added that the Employee Central is the first module of SuccessFactors which was localized for the Israeli market, with constant endeavor to expand the rest of SFSF modules to be available in RTL for the local market.


You can refer to the full article published in Hebrew on the same: ידעטק | SAP יוצאת עם גרסה חדשה בעברית למודול ניהול המשאב האנושי Employee Central

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