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Fast Facts: Agile Software Engineering – Training Courses

Why Agile Software Engineering (AgileSE) is important 

  • AgileSE enables development teams to deliver high quality – consistently and fast
  • Scrum (and other iterative methods) makes development projects more efficient but Scrum alone is not enough
  • Our AgileSE courses teach a set of principles and technical practices that developers need to work successfully in an agile/iterative environment
  • AgileSE technical practices are unit testing, test driven development, test isolation, pair programming, refactoring, clean code, exploratory testing  and many more.

Why SAP offers the right training courses for AgileSE

  • Over 3500 participants inside SAP over 2 years - very mature training program
  • Very positive feedback from participants and management
  • Well documented results

Who can benefit 

  • Organizations with own software development teams
  • Scrum or other iterative method in use
  • Courses are available for ABAP (Java, C#... upon request)

Course Concept: Training & Coaching 

  • 4 Week course with  5 days training and 3 weeks coaching; 2 weeks trial version available
  • In the coaching period the coach helps the developers to put the AgileSE techniques into practice in their own environment – this time is necessary for real and sustainable change
  • Train-the-trainer option for organizations with 20+ developers
  • Courses are held at customers site
  • Prices on request 


  • ABAP basis release 7.02 and higher is recommended but 7.0 is possible
  • Participants should be professional ABAP developers in a stable team
  • ABAP Objects working knowledge or at least some experience
  • Scrum / an iterative team process is very helpful but not necessary


If you as a customer / partner want an ASE training for your development teams, you can contact our accredited ASE coach Damir Majer at .

SAP contact:

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