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SAP wants you to have the very best support experience possible.  To do this, you will want to take advantage of the many options you have for interacting with SAP Product Support (PS) and the entire SCN community.  This document lists out the best resources for you to use in order to take full advantage of all that PS has to offer.


Ways to Contact Product Support

Expert Chat

Opening a chat session is easy. Once you initiate a new incident in the incident wizard in the new Support Launchpad you will have an option to choose Start Chat instead of sending the incident to SAP via the web tool.  By choosing this option, you will reach a live SAP support representative in minutes who will guide you to a quicker resolution. These are technical experts-- the same experts that you reach whenever you submit an incident. Why open an incident when you can start a chat with us in a matter of seconds!?

Fundamental new addition to the support channels:

  • Quick questions that might not need a traditional incident
  • Live person to interact with
  • Real-time support from experts
  • Quick solutions for common questions
  • Available for most components already

Integrated in the ONE Support Launchpad:

Call the Customer Interaction Center (CIC)

Are you familiar with SAP’s Customer Interaction Center? They are here 24x7 for our customers and provide a central point of contact for a wide range of inquires including:

  • Questions and issues around s-users
  • Navigation of the SAP Support Portal
  • Speeding up (acceleration) and escalation of SAP customer messages
  • Entry channel to SAP support advisory center for mission critical support

You can contact our CIC any time you need them by phone or email. Check out the links to our SAP Note and webpage regarding how to connect with CIC:

Social Media

Follow SAP Product support on Twitter at and connect with us on Facebook at

Schedule an Expert

Have you participated in our Schedule an Expert program?

Schedule an Expert is a real time support offering enabling customers to directly schedule time to meet with a Support Engineer and discuss a technical topic of choice. As a customer, you can request the topic of your choice for a one-one technical session with the subject matter expert on your chosen area and together deep dive into this topic. Schedule an Expert today by launching the Schedule an Expert tile on your Launchpad!

Schedule an expert:

  • Customer can request topic of coverage
  • 1:1 session with live person
  • 30 minute session on technical topic
  • Deep dive on a particular topic
  • Real-time support from experts

Integrated in the ONE Support Launchpad:

Open a Support Incident

The SAP Support portal is the centralized place to go for all support related inquiries and knowledge. From one site, you may access your incidents, search for SAP Notes and KBAs.

  • Central landing page for all support related questions and knowledge
  • Incidents, SAP Notes/KBA Search, SAP Software Downloads, Administration of Remote Connections, License Key Requests


Speaking of the SAP Support Portal, have you visited it since we introduced SAP ONE Support Launchpad?

The new SAP ONE Support Launchpad brings all of your support tools together in one personalized dashboard, providing you with easy access to top applications, an at-a-glance view into important tasks and data, and more. In Launchpad you have access to several functionalities including:

  • SAP Notes/KBA Search
  • SAP Software Downloads
  • Administration of Remote Connections
  • License Key Requests
  • Incidents

Check out the youtube video so you can get started with customizing your own One Support Launchpad:

Tips and Tricks

Searching for KBAs and SAP Notes

Ever search for a solution in KBAs or SAP Notes without success so you open an incident only to have the support engineer provide you with a KBA that immediately solves your issue? Why didn’t that KBA come up in your search beforehand? Here are some tips and tricks on searching the KBA system that will surely help narrow your search and guide you to a solution faster.

Restrict the search to the relevant system and technical parameters
(Search using product version, system data, or software component)
ŸGeneric search using “*” in different positions:  
  • BEFORE *search term
  • AFTER search term*
  • BEFORE/AFTER *search term*
  • BETWEEN search*term

ŸBe aware of alternative search methods (extended syntax, AND/OR concatenation, etc.)

Also, be sure to check out our blog on SCN, which shows you how to narrow down your search to show KBAs and SAP Notes specifically for your system version. More details on SAP Notes can be found at the link in the bottom of this slide.

Incident Priority and Criteria

Very High Priority Incidents (P1)

  • A productive system is completely down
  • The imminent go-live or upgrade is jeopardized
  • Core business processes are seriously affected
  • A workaround is not available

High Priority Incidents (P2)

  • Normal business processes are seriously affected
Medium Priority Incidents
  • Default Priority
Low Priority Incidents
  • No business impact, general how-to, etc.

See SAP Note 80935 for details on justifying Business Impact on P1 and P2 incidents:

Accelerating an Incident

Contact our CIC any time you need them by phone or email. Check out the links to our SAP Note and webpage regarding how to connect with CIC:

Additionally, see the notes under Escalating an Incident for what to expect when you call to accelerate/escalate an incident.

Escalating an Incident

Here is what you need to know if you are ever in a scenario where you need to accelerate or escalate an existing incident.

First, you’ll need to raise the priority of your incident (to Very High for production down or go-live scenarios) and provide a justification for the escalation. This step entails explaining the business impact and how the criticality has changed. SAP Note 90835 contains all the details you need for this step.

For the quickest response, after you upgrade the priority and provide your justification, you can contact the Customer Interaction Center. Have your incident number ready and be prepared to answer the questions in the middle section of this slide. Providing this information up-front will help the support engineer guide you to a quicker resolution.

Once CIC alerts the product support engineer of the escalation, you can expect to receive:

  • Intensified attention and additional activity of support resources
  • Increased coordination of internal incident handling
  • Involvement of SAP Development or Backoffice, if needed
  • Execution of action plan and frequent feedback

See SAP Note 80935 for details on justifying Business Impact on P1 and P2 incidents:

Receiving Notifications for Updated KBAs/Notes in the SAP Support Launchpad

You can be notified of updated Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) or SAP Notes directly in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.  To do this, you need to follow the steps outlined in the below SAP Knowledge Base Article:

2171560 - How to be notified of new or updated SAP Notes or KBA's in the ONE Support Launchpad

Product Specific Resources

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Platform 

Commonly referred to as BI or the BI Platform, the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform is the core product offering for the Analytics suite of SAP Solutions.  The below resources are specific to this product.

SAP BI Customer Handbook

KBA # 2293460 - SAP BI Customer Handbook

BI Pattern Books (Deployment guides)

SAP Business Intelligence Platform - Pattern Books Index

BI Troubleshooting Wiki

BI Troubleshooting Wiki

BI Platform Support Tool Wiki

SAP BI Platform Support Tool

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Below are some helpful links to EIM specific resources that are available for our customers.

EIM Bulletin

EIM Coffee Corners

EIM Meet the Expert

EIM Troubleshooting Guides


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