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Resource / ToolDescription
SAP Road MapsAccess to Solution road maps and Product road maps. Learn how SAP solves business problems with Solution road maps; learn how capabilities in SAP products and technologies plan to progress with Product road maps.
SAP Release Strategy BrochureRelease schedules plus release and maintenance strategy.
SAP Cloud Appliance LibraryQuickly deploy preconfigured SAP solutions in a cloud, automate system provisioning and reduce deployment time.

Transformation Navigator

Create your own product road map, build your business case, and plan your journey. Learn which innovations to bring into the organization, in what order, during what time frames, and the expected business value and outcomes.
Innovation FinderDiscover improvements through SAP's Customer Connection program delivered via support notes and package.

Innovation Discovery 

  • (Solution Browser) 
  • (Business Function Prediction)

A fast and easy way to find new SAP innovations and functionality per product release.

  • New functionality and benefits in the latest release or enhancement package - content now in Innovation Discovery.
  • New features and functions in SAP ERP enhancement packages - content now in Innovation Discovery.

Plan and Decide

Resource / ToolDescription
Product Availability MatrixLifecycle dates and technical release information.
Keys-Systems-InstallationsIntroduction to managing licence keys, system data, installations.

Maintenance Planner 

Plan updates, upgrades and new installations in your system landscape (Successor of Maintenance Optimizer & Landscape Planner).

  • Maintenance Planner features, benefits, getting started.
  • Best practice guide for managing landscape changes with Maintenance Planner.
Update Dependencies Analyzer Technical update dependencies between different SAP systems in your landscape.


Resource / ToolDescription
SAP Help Portal Product documentation and release notes.
Early Knowledge TransferWhat specific product changes to consider when adopting the latest product release.
Installation Guides Finder (for SAP NetWeaver)Implementation guides: find the relevant guide for installing, upgrading, or patching your SAP NetWeaver system.
Software Installation & Upgrade toolsGuidance, tools and support options to help plan and manage upgrades.
SAP NotesUse these support documents to help solve complex technical issues with SAP software products.
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