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SAP Device Management for IoT by Telit –

SAP Device Management for IoT by Telit simplifies data collection, normalization, and device management for Internet-of-Things (IoT) on premise deployment scenarios. By enabling the flow of data from devices and sensors to SAP databases (such as the SAP HANA® database) and SAP business applications (such as the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution), it fully integrates devices and remote sensors with Web-based applications, mobile apps and enterprise systems.

Business objectives:

  • Gain greater and more timely business insights with advanced analysis of device data to influence business outcomes
  • Reduce the complexity, risk, time-to-market, and cost of deploying complex, multi-point IoT solutions

System features:

  • Prebuilt integration with almost any machine, device, and sensor
  • Data processing at the device 'edge'
  • Full data acquisition, transformation, and movement to target databases and applications
  • Two-way communications and ability to trigger actions remotely
  • Device data modeling
  • Centralized IoT device security settings and alert management

Business and IT benefits:

  • Simplified movement of data from proprietary devices to SAP databases and business solutions
  • Faster, easier deployments of complex, multi-point IoT solutions
  • Deeper business insights via analysis of device and enterprise system data

SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft –

SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft joins the SAP HANA platform with the OSIsoft PI System – which connects sensor-based data, operations, and people to enable real-time intelligence. The solution can combine data from control and automation systems and smart devices with transactional and business data from SAP and third-party systems. This can help enterprises rapidly perform retrospective and predictive analysis and deliver actionable insights across the organization. SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft delivers the basis for digital transformation and facilitates the convergence of IT and OT, leading to reimagined business models and processes, customer experience and behavior.

Business objectives:

  • Analyze data derived from business and operation systems for key business decisions
  • Increase enterprise intelligence and transparency for operational and business processes
  • Optimize assets, processes, and production for operational efficiency

Solution features:

  • Link between SAP HANA and the OSIsoft PI System
  • Integration of data from operational systems with SAP HANA
  • Use with SAP and third-party solutions
  • Support for best-practice security doctrines
  • Scalability and flexibility to add capabilities as you need them

Business and IT benefits:

  • Improve efficiency, sustainability, quality, and safety
  • Enhance and speed decision making
  • Improve data governance through better data consistency
  • Reduce costs for implementation and operation
  • Simplify software integration
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