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  • Israel Continuous Improvement in Uniform File - Foreign Currency Treatment
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This is to inform you that on June 26th a continuous improvement in Uniform file was released for all our customers, SAP note 1865653.


The Note contains 2 improvements as follow:

  1. Setting fields 1217 (document amount in foreign currency) and 1218 (foreign currency code) for export invoices.
  2. Translation from foreign currency to ILS in purchase orders.

In addition, this Note includes the following changes:

  1. Avoiding dump divide by zero on unit price from SD documents.
  2. Avoiding dump on summarized amounts for documents type.
  3. Changes in user exit /ATL/UNIFILES_GEN_EXIT - A new internal table T_VBRP_EXCEPTIONS was added for use in this user exit . This table contains exceptions from D.B table VBRP (Billing Document: Item Data).
  4. You defined the ILS ISO code for more than one currency and in the creation of records M100 you get the error in the error report "Company currency is not "Shekel" and material ledger is not active". After implementing this Note you will not get this error.
  5. There was a performance improvement while creating records M100.
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