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  • Israel Continuous improvement in WHT report - Base amount calculation for foreign payment
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This is to inform you that on June 30th a continuous improvement in Withholding Tax report was released for all our customers, SAP note 1865696.

In case the payment is in foreign currency and the invoice is in ILS and the user asked to take the payment amount from the base amount , the exchange differentials amount should be added to the base amount because the base amount is not updated with the correct amount that should include the exchange differentials. The addition in that case will be only if the local currency is ILS.


In addition, this Note includes the following changes:

  1. Correction of getting the wrong wt code in the file and in the report when working with classical withholding tax and when choosing the radio button "Constant" in the "withholding tax type" frame in the miscellaneous tab screen.
  2. A warning message was added if you mark the checkbox "Select Noted Items with Bank Deductions" (in the "Noted items with bank deductions" tab) and you don't fill the parameter "Baseline Payment Date".
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