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  • MASAV file in payment run and Code page 9011
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As long as the IL Authorities is working with Hebrew-Dos you need to use code page 9011 for creating the MASAV file. You should set the relevant parameter in system for that purpose. System usually takes the system default codepage if nothing is entered in the relevant parameter.

First you should check that Code page 9011 exist in your system. (Follow the instructions in Note 672281 and consult with your system administrator).

Then you should use the code page by the time you creating the MASAV file. For that you should use the right parameters in the payment run as it is documented in IL Implementation guide:

  1. If you download the file online by using the options from F110 transaction: Environment -> Payment run -> DME Administrator, You need to define the user parameter DCP with the value 9011 as described in note 716454, and download the file on your presentation server (your PC).
  2. If you create and download the file to the server in a background process you need to define the code page 9011 in the OBPM3 transaction. NOTE!!!! If you do not have the parameter "Code page" in OBPM3 transaction you need to implement Note 911190.
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