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Dear All,


as promised on the "EC Enablement" jam group, here are the details on the pixel perfect print forms generation from Employee Central. A demo video is attached above. The business scenario depicted in the video from employee central is for Brazil - dependents declaration form. According to the Brazil Labor Law, the employees entitled for the child allowance need to sign the “Liability Agreement" before he/she can claim the allowance. The video shows the form that would need to be submitted.


The print forms generation feature in Employee Central allows to generate pixel pefect forms. The pixel perfect here indicates that the layout is provided by an authority, layout can not be changed and the form needs to be generated in exact same format as provided by authority. This is different from the "document generation" feature in Employee Central as in case of document template the format is decided by the administrator and used in a customer specific instance. While in "Print Forms Generation, the format is pre-decided and needs to be followed by all customers. Hope that clarifies the distinction between the two.


Coming now to more details on the feature itself.

  • It is available as Beta currently.
  • Using this feature, pixel perfect forms can be generated as ESS or MSS.
  • Using this simple masterdata forms can be generated at present.
  • Relies on HCP based SAP Localization Hub - Print Forms Service. As part of the Print Forms Service, SAP provides a template store where the forms are stored. It means that form content is maintained by SAP. In addition, customers can also upload their own forms in the template store as can be seen in the video. Additionally, one can search for available forms, preview them etc. Click here for more details.
  • Available in PP3 or the new people profile.


To use the feature, subscription to the print forms service is needed. Once done, the details to call the HCP service URL, user credentials need to be configured and stored in EC. Additionally configuration steps like switching on the feature, storing the user credentials for the HCP service, RBP, form field mapping to EC fields etc need to be followed. SAP pre-delivers the mapping content for few forms at the moment.


How to subscribe to SAP Localization Hub, Print Forms Service

Drop in a mail to SAP Localization Hub:


Please let us know in case you are interested in pilot testing and would like to know more details.



Best Regards,


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