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Process Observer for Built-In Processes (POB) allows customers to monitor and optimize core ("built-in") processes ind SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA and supports insight to actions. It closes a major gap from process management lifecycle perspective.

Special articles about Process Observer in S/4HANA:  new!


Find here the Results of the Process Observer Customer Survey 2014. Thank you to all customers who participated in the survey.
Read our Success Story: Paul Vahle GmbH Reduces Delivery Times with Process Observer You can find more details on this implementation on the DSAG website: Analysis of Order-to-Cash Processes using Process Observer (in German, restricted area, DSAG members only)


March 12, 2016: SAP Inside Track 2016 Frankfurt a.M., Germany. Martin Hofmann from AOK Systems demonstrates “Prozesstracking” a customer product, built with FPM, FIORI, CDS, HANA and BRFplus on top of Process Observer. Find more details here.

November 10-12, 2015: TechEd Barcelona, Spain. Join our session BA109 'Performance Analytics for Order to Cash Processes in S/4HANA'.

October 19-23: TechEd Las Vegas, USA. Join our session BA109 'Performance Analytics for Order to Cash Processes in S/4HANA'.

September 29 - October 1, 2015: DSAG Jahreskongress 2015 - AK Automotive. You will learn about an application use case of Process Observer in session 'SAP-basierte Steuerung eines integrierten Produktenstehungsprozesses' by our customer Schaeffler and our partner Cubeserv.

October 29, 2014: SAP Process Summit 2014 in Walldorf, Germany. Find here the agenda and the registration form.

2013-2014: SAP University Trainings BIT605 Process Observer 2013-2014 in Walldorf, Hamburg, Berlin Germany (language German)

May 20, 2014: 6. Praxisforum BPM und ERP in St. Augustin/Bonn: Daniel Scheel from Paul Vahle GmbH will present the usage of Process Observer for O2C monitoring (in German)

September 24, 2013: FreeCubeServ Webinar Process Intelligence (language German)

February 27, 2013: DSAG Technologietage, track BPM "Prozesssichtbarkeit für Suite Prozesse" covering Process Observer.



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  • SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA utilizes Process Observer and also other data sources to provide process intelligence and transparency into business operations. It is a new application that provides real-time, actionable intelligence about your company's business processes, spanning SAP Business Suite leveraging Process Observer, SAP Business Workflow, and SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration.
  • The New SAP RDS called SAP MDG Content Accelerator integrates Process Observer into Master Data Governance (MDG) to monitor the master data distribution process end-to-end across systems.
  • Process Observer log data can be used on SAP HANA using SLT replication from the underlying backend system. A set of HANA views (virtual data models [VDMs]) to ease the consumption of Process Observer data on SAP HANA is released with SAP HANA Live for EHP4 for SAP ERP Release 1.0 SP03. The documentation of the views can be found here.
  • Sebastian Zick from CubeServ writes about first experiences working with Process Observer:Process Observer – a new SAP approach to analyze Business Suite processes! Cubeserv is offering comprehensive BPM consulting services, BI-Content „Process Analytics“ and process dashboards to visualize KPIs.
  • Process Observer log information can be accessed for mobile consumption via ODATA. For details see: Business Process Content powered by SAP Netweaver Gateway


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  • For Q&A feel free to post in our Process Observer Discussion. And of course you're free to start a new discussion or add comments to any of our articles, too.
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