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  • SAP Contact Center 7.0 FP14 Hotfixes
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Here SAP Contact Center support team will post an update when new hotfixes are released for SAP Contact Center FP14. Please note that official product information will always be available at The purpose of this document is to help you to keep track of what hotfixes have been released. 

To keep this area clean and tidy we ask you to avoid posting questions to this document. Should you have any questions or concerns related to hotfix content please create a new customer incident under component CRM-CCI or raise a new discussion to SAP Contact Center Community page.

Note: Most important changes can be reviewed from - (may require login)

Hotfix #
SAP Note
Affected Components
Remarks ServerHighly recommended! matcher, Chat server  2830256 Agent Server, Integration Interfaces 2830599  ECF Web Server, Restful Interfaces, Universal Queue 2861660CEM Server Dispatcher 2888048  ECF Web Server, Restful Interfaces, Universal QueueContact Support to obtain this fix Databases, Web, AS, BJS

 Highly recommended!

Contain Support to obtain this fix clientsContact Support to obtain this fix Web Server, Restful Interfaces, Universal QueueContact Support to obtain this fix Agent Server, CEM, Chain Matcher, Chat Server, Monitoring Web Client, SMS Server, Web Client and Web ServerHighly recommended!

Relevant documents for FP14 release:

2782003 - SAP Contact Center: Remove Unused Prompts from File System
2790122 - SAP Contact Center 7.0 - Reporting not working after FP14 upgrade
2801473 - SAP Contact Center - Getting Started with Twilio (SMS & WhatsApp)
2654022 - Failed to run method 'postinstall' for Standard Reports Virtual Unit
2826095 - Communication Panel is not working in embedded mode in C4C

2907618 - Unable to use chat functions in C4C embedded with SAP Contact Center widget (Communication Panel or Agent.html)

Communication Panel videos (no voice)

Conversational messaging with SMSLink
Conversational messaging with WhatsAppLink
Conversational messaging with Facebook MessengerLink
Conversational messaging and bot with SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook MessengerLink
Chatbot and multi-session chat with transfer to agentLink
Outbound and inbound callsLink
Email with image and attachmentLink
Service Cloud (C4C) integration, Facebook Messenger, chat, outbound call, and SMSLink
Service Cloud (C4C) integration, inbound call and click-to-dialLink
Interaction Center integration, inbound call, outbound call, chat, and action itemLink
Outbound SMS and Interaction HistoryLink
SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center integration (SMS and outbound call)Link

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