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  • SAP Contact Center 7.0 FP17 Hotfixes
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Should you have any questions or concerns related to hotfix content, please create a new customer incident under component CRM-CCI

How to download the packages?

  1. Go to the SAP One Support Launchpad
  2. Select "Download" from the drop-down menu, and type "51055103" in the search field
  3. Browse for the reference to the FP17 Hotfixes 3 - 6
  4. Click on the hyperlink to download

(star) Please note the above material will contain only the files for the below-mentioned hotfixes

Hotfix #

SAP Note

Affected Components


(star), Agent Server

Calls are not allocated to agents from outbound campaigns & Sytel dialer forces CallResult = HANGUP



Agent Server, CEM Server, Chain Matcher, Chat Server, Monitoring Web Clients, SMS Server, Web Clients, Web Server

The Communication Desktop (CDT), Online Monitoring and Web Server have some bugs which affect some components

(star) Server
  • ECF agents not visible in SAP CRM via OII
  • Alerting campaign call can't be disconnected with Cancel button when campaign call has been initiated in Communication Panel
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