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SAP GUI for Windows News has moved from SCN to SAP Community Wiki!

In this document you will find the latest information about the SAP GUI for Windows such as

  • Announcements of patch or Compilation DVD deliveries

  • Important new features (like new platform support)

  • Other information

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  • 15.05.2019: SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 Patchlevel 1 is now available on SAP Support Portal! You can download the patch here

    Please also take a look at the new features coming with that Patch, listed in note 2600384, for example 'SAP GUI for Windows “core” patches are now full installations'


  1. Got a display issue with GUI 7.60 SP4 where in SM 59 Target System Settings" are not diplayed in SM59.
    Affects NW 7.40 as well as NW 7.02 systems. Logged under 804176 / 2019.

    Best Regards, Norbert Sommer

  2. Hi Norbert,

    Could it be specific to a certain Theme? I tried on our 7.40 Solman and I have no issues displaying target system settings with 7.60 PL4 with Blue Crystal Theme. I have seen many errors on GUI 7.60 on Belize Theme like this.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Hi Soren,

    thanks for your reply.

    turned our the issue was in front of the screen (me).
    I might have looked at a different type of RFC connection when I noticed missing settings.
    After another hard look turned out everything was ok.

    Thanks and Kind Regards, Norbert Sommer

  4. Hi,

    Could you please announce hot fixes the same way as normal patches? As an example "SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 PL 03 Hotfix 1" was published on the 06.12.2019.

    Thanks and best regards, Tamas

  5. The issue described in note 2883832 for 760 PL 4 also happens in tree view.  If i create a dummy folder in connections then close & reopen the GUI the server config file shows fine. 


  6. As a work around consider setting the below registry keys with "760PL4 package (SapPackageSetup.xml)" to get back to having the "workspace view" as default:

    NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue "HKCU\Software\SAP\SAPLogon\Settings\CurrentNewSapLogonView", "REG_SZ", "3"

    NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue "HKLM\Software\SAP\SAPLogon\Settings\CurrentNewSapLogonView", "REG_SZ", "3"

    NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue "HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\SAP\SAPLogon\Settings\CurrentNewSapLogonView", "REG_SZ", "3"

  7. Hi Ken,

    great input, thank you. More info on this key can be found in the note 2336740.

    Best regards,


  8. There have been 3 releases after this page has been updated. Is it not going to be updated anymore?

    1. Yes, this would be very helpful.

  9. Hello everybody,

    mayby someone can help me to solve my current problem..

    Our company migrates all AD-users (windows-login) to a new world wide domain. During this, the local username changes.

    As you all know, sap stores the input-history in the local folder 

    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SAP\SAP GUI\History,

    and within this folder in the file named SAPHistory<username>.db.

    As my username changed, so also the history-file changed. I tried to copy the file from the old name to the new name, but the result are unreadble data.

    I know that a huge amount of our sap-users accross the world will complain to have lost their history...

    Does anybody know a solution? SAP told me "impossible" but never trust all SAP-answers...

    I've taken a detailed look into the sqlite-file and compared old to new:

    Both entries contain "DE", old and  new version.

    RSYST-LANGU 349812713   2f46

    RSYST-LANGU 349812305   52e6

    In the new world, another language-key is stored like this:

    E N
    D E

    looks like an different calcucalation algorithm ... any idea from anybody how to migrate??

    Thanks a lot in advane!!


    1. If it is *.mdb file (not *.db) , you can open it in MS Access. But you need a password. It can be recieved via NirSoft Access PassView utility from here

      So you can try to get two passwords - one for old *.mdb-file and another for new *.mdb-file. Then open old database file in MS Access and save it with new name and new password.

  10. Thanks for reply, but as mentioned it is the DB-file based on sqlite, not the old access-version.

    Any further ideas?

    1. If the users are using an up to date SAP GUI version (min 7.60 PL3), there is a new 'Restore and Cleanup' option in the main options with which users can export their SAP GUI settings and import them to another installation.

      I do not know if this works for a user ID change, but it is worth trying.

      Here is an extract from SAP note 2600384 that explains what is transferred.

      New features in patchlevel 3

      • SAP GUI Options Dialog: Import and export of SAP GUI settings

        The SAP GUI Options Dialog now supports the export and import of all relevant SAP GUI settings. This is for example relevant when a user receives a new PC and wants to take over the previous settings easily. The settings are exported as content of a password protected archive which can be transferred to the new PC and then be imported via the “Import” button. Importing settings overwrites the present settings and requires a restart of SAP GUI / SAP Logon (Pad).

        Please note that this feature is not intended to deploy default settings. For achieving this, you can use central configuration files or make use of features available in NWSAPSetup.

        The following settings are exported upon clicking the “Export” button:

        • SAP Logon items created by the user (user specific SAPUILandscape.xml)
        • SAP GUI settings changed by the user (SAP GUI options stored under HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the Windows registry)
        • SAP GUI security rules created by the user (user specific saprules.xml)
        • Input history (user specific SAPHistory<UserName>.db)
        • Local tab order definitions created by the user (user specific SAPLocalTabOrder.db)
        • New ABAP Editor configuration files (content of folder “ABAP Editor”)
        • OKCode field history (stored in the Windows registry)
        • As of patchlevel 4: "Color Settings" / "Colors in System" defined by the user for displaying SAP GUI windows in individual colors per SAP System (stored in the Windows registry)

  11. Thanks again, but the export/import-"feature" just copies the content of the <history>-folder and does not touch the content...

    seems to be a real challange...

  12. I tried the export - import on the latest release 7600.1.7.1160.

    I get an error on import "Use a valid archive file". Also I noticed the the zip file is password protected, what is the password?

  13. I tried the export - import on the latest release 7600.1.7.1160.

    I get an error on import "Use a valid archive file". Also I noticed the the zip file is password protected, what is the password?

  14. Intersting ... my ZIP-File is not protected by a password (last try today morning).

    I can open on windows-explorer and see that all the files from my history-folder are  in there.

    (including local copy, .BAK, ancient MDB from old Backup, ...)

    I've also done an export in November 2019 which is not  password-protected...

  15. EDIT: I can show the files inside, but if I Try topy copy / open anything, I'm asked for a password.

    But I can see the timestamps, its the same as on my local "real" history-file.

  16. Yes I have the same issue! And, of course, this would explain why the import doesn't work because it doesn't even ask for a password and therefore cannot extract the files.

  17. Hello all, have a question regarding SAPGUI 7.60 , windows 10 and Office 365.  We are experiencing excel issue when we run SAP reports that put the result into Excel, after the report runs it tries to import the result into excel but shows blank but if you change the view to SAP LIST VIEW, the result is there.  I have disable all macros as per SAP and install patch 6 but still getting the same result. I have also done a trace on and got the following error result ‘(25=office intergration(error) Error: pManager->GetDocumentProxy() failed (hr =0x80004002) One additional information is that we deploy the SAPGUI via APPV.  Once we install the full SAPGUI version locally all works fine.  Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

  18. I the "Important news for SAP GUI" page really the correct place for all this user specific problem discussions? It creates tons of emails for users who are watching this in order to know about new SAP GUI releases and feels kind of like spam.

  19. Is there an planned end of support date for SAPGUI 7.60 now that there are delivery dates for SAPGUI 7.70?

    1. Please have a look an sap note 147519

      "7.60: Full support up to 12th of April 2022"

  20. Please have a look an sap note 147519

    "7.60: Full support up to 12th of April 2022"

  21. Hi...

    I can't download at these links. At page "Software Downloads"," NO DATA AVAILABLE" message occurs.

  22. Hi Marcio,

    Have you tried from One Support Launchpad, software downloads?


  23. Hi Wallace.

    I found SAP GUI FOR JAVA only. I guess I have no authorization.

  24. Hi Marcio,

    I see Sap Gui for Windows (and a lot of addons) when I search for "SAP Gui".

    If you can't see it, I guess it is authorizations.  I've never quite (yet anyway) understood my "S" user permissions.

    Wish you the best on this!

    1. Thanks a lot Wallace.

      I opened a Rquest for authorization.

  25. Dear comrades.

    This thread is only for notification of SAP GUI updates, many people have subscribed to it.

    Please don't use it to solve your own problems. Your messages are spam to others. Use for this.