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SAP GUI for Windows News has moved from SCN to SAP Community Wiki!


In this document you will find the latest information about the SAP GUI for Windows such as

  • Announcements of patch or Compilation DVD deliveries

  • Important new features (like new platform support)

  • Other information

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  1. Got a display issue with GUI 7.60 SP4 where in SM 59 Target System Settings" are not diplayed in SM59.
    Affects NW 7.40 as well as NW 7.02 systems. Logged under 804176 / 2019.

    Best Regards, Norbert Sommer

  2. Hi Norbert,

    Could it be specific to a certain Theme? I tried on our 7.40 Solman and I have no issues displaying target system settings with 7.60 PL4 with Blue Crystal Theme. I have seen many errors on GUI 7.60 on Belize Theme like this.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Hi Soren,

    thanks for your reply.

    turned our the issue was in front of the screen (me).
    I might have looked at a different type of RFC connection when I noticed missing settings.
    After another hard look turned out everything was ok.

    Thanks and Kind Regards, Norbert Sommer

  4. Hi,

    Could you please announce hot fixes the same way as normal patches? As an example "SAP GUI for Windows 7.60 PL 03 Hotfix 1" was published on the 06.12.2019.

    Thanks and best regards, Tamas

  5. The issue described in note 2883832 for 760 PL 4 also happens in tree view.  If i create a dummy folder in connections then close & reopen the GUI the server config file shows fine. 


  6. As a work around consider setting the below registry keys with "760PL4 package (SapPackageSetup.xml)" to get back to having the "workspace view" as default:

    NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue "HKCU\Software\SAP\SAPLogon\Settings\CurrentNewSapLogonView", "REG_SZ", "3"

    NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue "HKLM\Software\SAP\SAPLogon\Settings\CurrentNewSapLogonView", "REG_SZ", "3"

    NwEngine.Shell.SetRegValue "HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\SAP\SAPLogon\Settings\CurrentNewSapLogonView", "REG_SZ", "3"

  7. Hi Ken,

    great input, thank you. More info on this key can be found in the note 2336740.

    Best regards,


  8. There have been 3 releases after this page has been updated. Is it not going to be updated anymore?

    1. Yes, this would be very helpful.