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Julyna Jadulang, General Information
Julyna Jadulang, Webinars
Isabel Rodrigues, Strategy & Governance

Webinar Series

ENGLISH SERIES open to all User Group members and SAP Customers & Partners:

GERMAN SERIES, exclusively for DSAG Members:

Welcome to SAP Road Maps

Create your tailored product map!

Explore the SAP Transformation Navigator, a self-service tool which guides you through your digital transformation journey by generating a product road map of recommended SAP products and solutions tailored to your business.

This space is dedicated to providing customers with up-to-date information about the publishing and communication of SAP Road Maps. These Road Maps describe how feature and function capabilities of an SAP product or technology are planned to progress over time. The Road Maps help customers to ensure their IT adoption plans align with SAP's product and technology plans.

 This wiki provides a summary of recent Road Map updates and a calendar of upcoming road map webinars (see 'Webinar Series' column to the left, organized by language). The repository of all official SAP Road Maps can be found at (Note: to access road maps and webinars, you can create an SAP account (only a valid email address is required); or use your existing SAP credentials.)

To ensure you receive the latest updates, please login and subscribe for notifications by clicking on the 'watch' field at the top right of each page. Below are the pages you can follow:

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