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Any assets that are on SAP requires that you create an SAP account (only a valid e-mail address is required) or log-in using your existing SAP credentials.

The SAP Road Maps Wiki Page is composed of the following sub-pages:

Webinar Series:

English Series: Open to all User Group members and SAP Customers & Partners:

German Series, exclusively for DSAG Members:

Industry Value Map

SAP Transformation Navigator

The SAP Transformation Navigator is a self-service tool that recommends SAP products and solutions tailored to your business.

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Welcome to SAP Road Maps

Create your tailored road map!

The SAP Road Map Explorer is a new interactive tool that allows you to view and customize road maps according to your needs.

SAP Road Maps Wiki Page

The SAP Road Maps team is dedicated to providing customers with the most updated information on SAP's products. Road Maps displays SAP's current and planned innovations (i.e. product features) which is pivotal in helping our customers and partners plan their future. 

SAP Road Map Explorer:

The SAP Road Map Explorer is a new, online interactive tool that provides updated information on innovations and customization on road maps in a user-friendly way.

New Features and Benefits:

  • Easy Search Function: As a user, you can easily browse the road map or topic of your choice through the search bar or pre-determined categories.
  • Filters: Cater the road map to your organization needs by using the filters that are on the tool.
  • User Friendly: The kanban board showcases innovations in an easy and consumable way. 
  • Save and Share: Use the save, favorite, share, and/or download feature to keep the road map you built!


  • To access the tool, you must log-in with your S-user credentials. You can easily sign up with your e-mail if you do not have an S-user credential. Start exploring with the SAP Road Map Explorer today!

Use SAP Road Map Explorer in 5 Steps:

  1. SEARCH: Search for your road map topic
  2. CUSTOMIZE: Apply filters to find the road map of your choice
  3. EXPLORE: Browse through innovations (i.e. product features) on the Kanban board
  4. SHARE: Share innovations or road maps with your colleagues  
  5. SAVE & DOWNLOAD: Save and download your customized road map


Materials below can help you understand how you can use the SAP Road Map Explorer to its full capacity!

  • Video: Quick introduction of the tool 
  • Guide: Dive deeper into the features 

Most Viewed Road Maps*:

*Note: Only the product filter is applied. Please check the other filters and time horizon to find the road map for you.

Feedback and Contact

Your feedback is important to us as we continue to improve on the tool. You can reach out to the SAP Road Maps Inbox and/or every page of the SAP Road Map Explorer has a "Feedback Survey" powered by Qualtrics which is also sent to the team directly.

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