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What is the SAP Transformation Navigator?

The SAP Transformation Navigator is a free self-service available to SAP customers, partners, and employees. It provides customers with clear guidance on how to chart their digital path to an Intelligent Enterprise. It assesses their current IT landscape, business strategy, and industry trends, and delivers one comprehensive report, which can be downloaded immediately, containing custom recommendations of the SAP products and solutions required to realize their digital strategy.

Learn more about the application and customer references here.

Introducing the SAP Transformation Navigator Quick Tips Video Series!  Each of these micro-videos allows you learn the various features and functions of the tool in under 5 minutes.  There are 9 videos which include detailed analysis of the tool’s functions and step-by-step demos,describing how you can use the tool in your company’s digital transformation.

The majority of our videos are currently being re-recorded. We will update the links once they are ready. 

Video 1: Motivation and Background (2:45)

Learn what the SAP Transformation Navigator is and how it can support your digital transformation.

Video 2: Create a Product Map from Scratch (4:03)

Learn how to create a product map – an individual road map of your transformation to products of the intelligent enterprise.

Video 3: Create a Product Map from Industry Template (2:51)

Use pre-defined templates to speed up the creation of your product map, or to review a typical customer map in an industry.

Video 4: Plan ahead with the Time Slider (2:22)

Experience the “Time Slider” and how to utilize it in order to time your transformation.


Video 5: Extend Your Business with Capabilities (2:40)

Include additional capabilities from a full catalogue of SAP solutions or utilize the Industry Value Maps to extend your business beyond your currently used solutions and products. See also Video 12 for more details on Value Maps.

Video 6: Prioritize Your Goals and Value Aspiration (3:31)

Discover the value recommended products and solutions provide, prioritize your goals, and calculate a simple business case.

Video 7: Map Out Your Transformation Journey (1:55)

See the summary of your transformation cases and prioritize them.

Video 8: Create Customer Output Documents (2:44) 

Generate the Business, Technical and Transformation Guides which capture the information from the tool and enhance it by generic industry and other information relevant for planning and executing a transformation project.

Video 9: Collaborate With Your Colleagues (2:33)

Learn how you can share your product map with your colleagues or SAP.

Video 10: Customer Usage Data (4:48)

Learn how to automatically select your currently used capabilities – and  get a recommendation faster – by applying the usage data we have from SAP Early Watch Alert (EWA).

Video 11: Product Details (3:46)

Discover the comprehensive product details like relevant services, road maps, customer reef points and license information.

Video 12: Value Maps (5:15)

Value Maps cover processes that are most relevant in a specific industry with SAP solutions. Explore the value maps and add solutions to your map and extend your business beyond your currently used solutions and products.


  1. Getting following message when I click on Video link  "Video unavailable This video is private", I did login with my SID. Let me know how to access.

    1. The majority of our videos are currently being re-recorded. We will update the links once they are ready. 
      You can pass a short mail to for further info.