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Support Log Assistant

UPDATE November 2020:  Support Log Assistant 2.0 client is available.

UPDATE September 2019:  The pilot phase of the Support Log Assistant has successfully completed on August 9th, 2019.  The latest release is generally available for all SAP Customer, Partners and Employees.

The Support Log Assistant is a new service/tool that allows users to automatically analyze their support-related files directly from within their browser. This leverages the knowledge of SAP Product Support experts and connects known issues that are found within log, trace and other text-based files with solutions and troubleshooting steps.

The Support Log Assistant provides:

  • 24/7 automated expert-level analysis of support related files
  • Content based file analysis and solution matching
  • Faster issue resolution time

See the  Support Log Assistant - Wiki for detailed steps on how to get started or watch the video to the right!

The Support Log Assistant is also available directly within the SAP ONE Support Launchpad inside the Incident Form.  This feature allows you analyze files that have been attached to the incident to help find solutions before the incident is submitted.

For more information on this feature, see the SAP ONE Support Launchpad Release Notes for Wave 6 2019

The above video demonstrates the Support Log Assistant – Self Service portal in action.

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