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How do I get eCATT?

eCATT is available as off SAP Web Application Server Release 6.20 and is part of the standard delivery.

What systems can I test with eCATT?

As off SAP Web Application Server Release 6.20, you can test any system in your system landscape that is accessible via RFC from that central system as long as it is running software component SAP BASIS 4.6C or higher.

Do I need anything else?

That depends. If you want to test Web Dynpro applications or applications that run in the SAP GUI for Windows/Java/HTML, you do not need any other software. If you want to test other applications, you will need a certified third-party tool.

What applications can I test with eCATT?

eCATT allows you to test nearly all Web Dynpro applications or transactions that run in the SAP GUI for Windows/Java/HTML. Furthermore, it provides you with access to the databases of your test systems (for example, to test whether data has been written or deleted successfully) and to the application server layer as well (to test function modules, BAPIs, and Web Services). You can also use a certified third-party tool in conjunction with eCATT, for example to test applications that run on the Windows Desktop.

With CATT, I had problems testing transactions using SAP GUI controls (like treecontrol, alv, toolbar control...).
Can I test them with eCATT?

Yes. eCATT was developed partly in direct response to this problem. A new driver allows you to also record and replay the transactions that use the SAP Control Framework.

What does it cost?

You can use eCATT within your existing license agreement. This means that there are no additional costs for the Web Application Server software itself, but if you require additional named users, you will incur charges.

Does SAP provide professional services in the area of testing?

Yes, and these can be divided up as follows:

  • Support: eCATT is supported via the normal support channels within the framework of your existing support contract.
  • Training: A two-day training course is available that introduces the basic concepts of eCATT. This is available at SAP training centers, but can also be delivered on-site. Speak to your SAP contact about training requirements.
  • Consultancy: A dedicated Test Management Consulting group is available to meet your testing requirements.

I already use CATT. Can I switch to eCATT?

Yes. If you have already used CATT, some of the techniques used in eCATT will already be familiar to you. You can also migrate your existing CATT objects semi-automatically into the eCATT environment.

What will happen to CATT?

As of SAP NetWeaver Release 2004 (SAP Web AS 6.40), automatic CATT test cases cannot be created anymore. However, you will still be able to maintain and execute existing ones. As of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s), maintenance is not possible either. However, existing test cases can still be executed as long as they are functioning. An adaption of the test cases to a new releases is not possible anymore.

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