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Business Add-Ins is an enhancement option wich provides customer to replace or enhance standard logic.

Find general documentation of BAdI in SAP online help:


Within DBM several Enhancement spots with BADI definitions are provided.

Some of them can only be used SAP internally, e.g. BADIs of enhancement spot /DBM/ORDER_ENGINE 


But with the help of certain BADI defeinitions the customer can modifiy standard behavior.


Find more details of the most useful BADIs depending on DBM functionality:

Order Engine

Within DBM order engine standard BADI implementations are used for prepare, execute and finalize actions.

Find more details:

DBM - Provided DBM BADI definitions for customer enhancements


DBM order (enhancement spot /DBM/ORDER)


DBM order copy

In DBM customizing an exit code can be assigned for copying settings on ordertype or sales document category level.

Standard DBM implementations of BADI definition /DBM/ORDER_COPY_BADI use the exit code as filter value and provide standard checks before copying an order.

Standard SAP exit codes:

ImplementationExit CodeCommentary
/DBM/ORDER_COPY_000SAP000Check Before Copying Vehicle Quotation to Vehicle Order
/DBM/ORDER_COPY_001SAP001Check Before Copying Service/Workshop Order to a Returns Order for Service
/DBM/ORDER_COPY_002SAP002Check Before Copying Part Order to a Returns Order for Parts
/DBM/ORDER_COPY_003SAP003 Check Before Copying Service Quotation to Service Order 



Customer can enhance order copy with additional checks by creating BADI implementation.

Therefore following customer ranges of exit code have to be used:

Z100 - Z109

Z200 - Z209

Z300 - Z309

Find more details in documentation of BADI definition /DBM/ORDER_COPY_BADI.


DBM Pricing

With the BADI /DBM/PRICING_COM you can change the DBM pricing communication structure on item and header level.

It's called after the standard program of filling the fields.

Communication structures for pricing are KOMP on item level and KOMP on header level.

Regarding package pricing there is a BADI /DBM/PACKAGE_PRICING where you can implement changes of the pricing fields of DBM packages


DBM Order User Interface (UI)







For some features in standard DBM customer has to create BADI implementation by his own, e.g. hyper link to warranty claim from DBM order tab warranty.

More details:

DBM - Necessary BADI implementations


DBM - User exits

DBM - User exits

DBM - Implicit enhancement by predefined forms

DBM - Subroutines



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