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Within DBM order processing there are 2 different labor value catalog for different use:


Labor value catalog for services to be billed

Transaction: /DBM/LBROP, /DBM/LBROPSC (with preselection of the catalog)


Within the Labor value a LV target time is set depending on LV main type, which is set in service order header.



In DBM order processing itam tab a new labor item with item category P001 can be added.

The labor catalog is determined in DBM order via lean condition usage /DBM/LBROP_CAT.


The LV target time is displayed in DBM order tab item subscreen item details:


This target time is base for billing the service item.

Conditions of the assigned price reference material determines the LV price using DBM standard condition QPRA.


Consider that the target time is not been considered as task estimated time!


Find more details in online documentation for Labor value:

Labor value



Job labor catalog for scheduling (new in DBM 8.0)

Transaction: /DBM/JOB_CAT /DBM/JOB_CATSC (with preselection of the catalog)


For DBM order scheduling the job labor catalog has to be created. This Job LV is used for internal ressource planning and scheduling.


An item for job using the job catalog can be added in DBM order wizard tab work scope:


The estimated time is set in order processing tab task:



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