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In some function modules or methods there are subroutines provided which customer can populate with his own logic.


Goods Movement

This forms can be used to change the material document before saving:

  • before_create_matdoc_canc

called in function module /DBM/ORD_AC_GDSMVMT_CANCEL

(cannot be used when cancelation is executed with transaction MIGO)

  • before_create_matdoc 

called in function module /DBM/ORD_AC_GDSMVMT_CREATE_NEW

This forms were introduced with note 1610252:


Cash Desk

Printing cancellation document or advance payment document is not provided in standard transaction /DBM/Cashdesk.

Within FM /DBM/TP_TILL_AC_BON_PRINT an empty subroutine form set_print_user_exit is provided for customer implicit enhancement.

This form is introduced with note 1509208:



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