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Below is a listing of SQL which you can review for ideas or use in your SAP B1 System:

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SAP B1 SQL A-AD Alert Message AP Invoices Coming or Past Due .  Frequently Requested SQL.  This SQL notifies Financial Personnel that AP invoices need to be processed farily soon or are past due being paid.  The date range can be changed in the WHERE section of the SQL. 

SAP B1 SQL A-AD Alert Message Negative Inventory in Stock By Warehouse and Total .  Frequently Requested SQL.  This SQL alerts End users that a product has a negative balance in specific warehouses and the total balance of the company.

SAP B1 SQL A-AD Alert Message Tax Code Missing From Address .  Monthly Special.   This SQL helps to ensure that all Customer Addresses have a Tax Code entered on the Customer Ship To Address on the Business Partner Master Data window.

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