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Below is a listing of SQL which you can review for ideas or use in your SAP B1 System:

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SAP B1 SQL B-FN Journal Entry Detail by Date Range.   Frequently Requested SQL.  This SQL lists out all Journal Entries with SAP B1 Drawer definitions and Transaction Type definitions by Date Range and Drawer Selection Criteria.  This SQL contains a good list of the TransType codes and what they mean.

SAP B1 SQL B-FN Debtors Aging Report by date .Frequently Requested SQL.This SQL script is for debtors aging reports on specified date and can be modified as required

SAP B1 SQL B-FN General Ledger Report with Account Code and Date Range as Selection Criteria . Monthly Special .This SQL Script can be used to generate report that enables you to show a list of journal entries posted to the company database based on Account code and Date range as selection criteria, and query can be modified as per user requirements

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