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Below is a listing of SQL which you can review for ideas or use in your SAP B1 System:

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SAP B1 SQL E-PU Priority Items To Be Purchased .  Monthly Special.  This SQL lists out those products which the End User decided were priority items for keeping their assembly process going.  There is a good example of how to use the CASE function to determine which quantity to post in the "To Purchase" column.

SAP B1 SQL E-PU Purchases Register by Item for Indian Localization .  Frequently Requested SQL.  In a typical Indian scenario, we need sale and purchase registers to check the excise payable and receivable. The following is a sample which can be used  as a basic outline and modified per your requirements for reporing by Items.

SAP B1 SQL E-PU Validation and approval when Invoice Value is more than order :Monthly Special.This SQl can be used to Set validation /Approval when Purchase Invoice value is more than purchase order and can be modified to use for other documents as well.

SAP B1 SQL E-PU Purchase Analysis Report  : Frequently Required SQL. This Report will give you information on purchase value, invoice value during a selected period. This Query is linked to OCRD -BP master data and OITM i.e. Item Master data. Extra fields required from OCRD ,OITM and UDF's from OPCH and PCH1 can be added as per requirement.

SAP B1 SQL E-PU Supplier Open Invoices by Due Date :Frequently Required SQL.This SQL will give you list of Supplier Invoices Open by Due Date and can be modified as per client requirements.

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