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Below is a listing of SQL which you can review for ideas or use in your SAP B1 System:

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SAP B1 SQL G-BK Deposit with AR Invoices from Lockbox .  Frequently Requested SQL.  This SQL brings together the deposit, the incoming payments, and the AR Invoice Numbers associated with the deposit done through the check lockbox.  This information is not a standard report in SAP B1, but it is generally requested by Customers.

SAP B1 SQL G-BK Incoming Payments with Payments On Account .  Frequently Requested SQL.  This SQL lists all incoming payments with payments on account by a specific date range.

SAP B1 SQL G-BK Payments by Bank Transfer within Date Range .  Frequently Requested SQL.  The SQL lists all incoming payments processed as "Bank Transfers" with a specific range selected by the end-user.  The SQL can be run for a single day or it can be run to find multiple payments over a month.

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