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Below is a listing of SQL which you can review for ideas or use in your SAP B1 System:

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SAP B1 SQL S-FS Average Lapsed Days .  Monthly Special.  This SQL provides information normally requested from Financial Personnel.  It calculates the average number of days it takes a Customer to pay for all of their their AR Invoices.  You will need to set up a User-Defined Field and be familiar with the Formatted Search function in SAP B1.

SAP B1 SQL S-FS Tax Code Autopopulate in BP Address .  Frequently Requested SQL.  This is a type of straight-forward SQL frequently requested and these types of autopopulation can save End Users a bit of time, if they would like a default for some data field on an SAP B1 window.  This SQL helps to avoid typing in a Tax Code where the End User ends up entering a default Tax Code 95% of the time.

SAP B1 SQL S-FS In-Stock of Specified Warehouse in Row level of marketing document . Useful SQL. SAP B1 always show the total In-stock of the item regardless of the warehouse being used in Marketing Documents. If you want to display the In-stock of the specific warehouse selected by the End User during Sales Processing, then you can use this FMS.

SAP B1 SQL S-FS Autogenerate Card Code Based on Card Type .  Frequently Requested SQL.This  SQL code is used to auto generate BP code based on Card Type.

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