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Here are some items you might find helpful for SQL and special items from SAP. Each item has a small description to provide you with a bit of direction in what you can find there.  Clicking on one of the links will take you out of SCN, so you might want to copy the link onto another tab on your Internet Explorer if you would need to come back.   For quick reference, add the ones you find best to your "Favorites" on the Internet Explorer.  Remember to stay away from the ADD, UPDATE, and DELETE functions since those commands will get you in trouble with SAP's Support Policy (go back to SAP B1 SQL Tips and Tricks and read the red highlighted point, if you wonder what that policy is).

Books About SAP Business One:

Mastering SQL Queries for SAP Business One .  A book which deals directly with SQL for SAP B1.  Now this is a book you can utilize immediately from a person who is constantly in the SAP B1 Forums answering participants' questions about SQL.  Godon Du is always a top contributor to SAP B1 Forums and he uses his hard-earned expertise to explain the ins and outs of SQL in SAP B1 in this recently publilshed book.  Many examples you can apply to your needs.  Do I need to say that this is one book you must put on the top of your list for buying? 

Introduction to SAP Business One by Robert Mayerhofer .  A great book you can order from Amazon.  Mayerhofer has come out with another edition updating this one, but that book is currently only available in German (maybe one day he will get it translated).  This book is published by Galileo Press which is actually SAP Press, so you know it must be good to have gotten SAP's involvement!

SAP Business One Implementation by Wolfgang Niefert .  Another good book through Amazon.  The title of the book might be a bit misleading as it is not really devoted entirely to the implementation process, but weaves some of the information about using SAP B1 in with the implementation process.

SQL Links: . A good on-line tutorial which allows you to see several examples of how the SQL commands are used.  They have good examples for the various types of JOIN command which needs to be understood properly to write SQL. .  Another helpful on-line tutorial with a limited number of examples. . A site which covers PLSQL which is an extension of SQL with Procedural Language having its own developed format and programming rules. . One more good on-line tutorial, but I include this site since it has a section completely devoted to Stored Procedures (SP) used so often in SAP B1.

SQL Books:  

Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu.  A fairly good introductory book for those having no experience writing SQL before.  It is straight-forward and one book you might be using as a reference again and again as you start building your skills to write SQL.

The SQL Complete Reference by James Groff, Paul Weinberg, and Andres J Oppel.  This is the third edition and is a hefty book with over 1,000 pages.  They not only give you examples and exercises, but get into conceptual and theoretical topics.  One to think about buying after you have had some experience.

SAP Links:  
SAP Manuals:

Links are not provided for each individual manual since they can change periodically, but check for the following SAP manuals in the Documentation Area:

(Go to and look for the "Documentation" Tab at the top.  Most of these are contained in the download file under "Modules and Features" and then "How To Guides")

How to Create User-Defined Fields and Tables

How to Define and Use User-Defined Values

How to Customize Lists in SAP B1

How to Define and Use Formatted Search

How to Define Approval Procedures

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