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TYPE: Useful

AUTHOR NAME: Balakumar Viswanathan

PURPOSE AND BACKGROUND:  In marketing documents, system always show the total In-stock of the item regardless of the warehouse. If you want the In-stock of the selected warehouse, then you can use this FMS.

In order to show the Warehouse stock, we need a user-defined field in Marketing Documents - Rows.

UDF - Specifications:

Title : WhseStk

Description : WHse Stock

Type: Units and Totals

Structure : Quantity

Here is a screen print of the User-Defined Field:

SAP B1 S-FS Stock in warehouse UDF.png

Here is a screen print of the SQL results in the User-Defined Field and how to set the Formatted Seach with Shift+Alt+F2:

SAP B1 S-FS Stock in Warehouse FMS.png

Copy and Paste this SQL:

--S-FS Stock in Warehouse Ver 1 VB 2011 04 22

--DESCRIPTION:  SQL shows Stock in warehouse for an FMS.

--Version 1 Balakumar Viswanathan 2011 04 22





T0.[ItemCode] = $[$38.1.0] and  T0.[WhsCode] = $[$38.24.0]

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    Really good one thanks!!


  2. Simple and very usefull query, thanks!!