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TYPE: Frequently Requested SQL

AUTHOR NAME: Zal Parchem

PURPOSE AND BACKGROUND:  This SQL was created in 2007A SP01 PL05.  This is a fairly straight-forward SQL which can save End Users a bit of time, if they would like a default for the Tax Code field on the Address Tab in the Business Partner Master Data window.  Although this shows a Tax Code of "EX", make sure you change that Tax Code to one on your company's Tax Code table of OSTC.  The most important part of this SQL is the DISTINCT following the SELECT statement.  This ensures that the system autopopulates the Tax Code field with only one entry.  Once the Tax Code is accepted with "Update" on the Business Partner Master Data window, it can be changed later on.  With a bit of imagination, you can actually use this Formatted Search as a temple for populating other data fields automatically.  If you find this SQL helpful, then use “copy and paste” to place and save it using the Query Generator of your SAP B1 installation.

Here is a screen print of how to set the Formatted Seach with Shift+Alt+F2:

 S-FS Tax Code Autopopulate in BP Address.png

Copy and Paste this SQL:

--S-FS Tax Code Autopopulate in BP Address Ver 1 ZP 2011 04 03

--DESCRIPTION:  Formatted Search used in Business Partner Master Data window on Address Tab.  SQL populates the Tax Code automatically and can be changed.  Trigger is on Address ID.

--Version 1 Zal Parchem 03 April 2011




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