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Please notice that this page of SAP Business One Academy on SCN including all sub-pages will terminate on June 30, 2019


Want to Take the Latest SAP Business One Training and Certification?

The complete set of 9.3 and 9.2 training materials is available for free on the SAP Business One Academy on SAP Learning Hub.  

For more details visit the 9.3 Training & Certification blog.


SAP Business One Training on 9.1 and Earlier Releases

Click on the images below to access presentations, demonstrations and simulations covering various topics in SAP Business One.




Logistics Accounting
Introductory courses on SAP Business One.Courses about managing logistics in SAP Business One.Courses on accounting and financial management in SAP Business One.

Implementation & Support

Analytics Integrated Partner Solutions

Courses on system management and application configuration in SAP Business One.

Courses about HANA analytics, Lumira and Crystal Reports.Courses developed by our partners about solutions that integrate with SAP Business One.


Localized pages
Courses on system integration solutionsCourses on SDK and other development related topics

Translated courses and localization specific training materials




All materials developed by the SAP Business One training team are designed for the standard SAP product and are not country or localization specific.
We invite community members to c
ontact us if they would like to share training they have developed. We are happy to include community-produced content on our page.


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  1. SAP Business One 9.2 Training Now Available on SAP Learning Hub is free training or Cost based 

    few days before it showing all tapic videos now it asking to buy 

    1. Hi,

      All content is free.

      Please contact LH support: if you are not able to register.



  2. where can i download TB1000. tb1100, tb1200 for sap B1 9.2

    1. Hi Fernando,

      On Learning Hub you can access each course seperatly.

      SAP partners can downloadt the entire TB courses via SAP PartnerEdge in this link:

      Good luck,




  3. Former Member

    How should I download SAP B1 for learning purpose freely? I download a zip file but while running the setup its asking for installation of Business One application, from where I can get it. please provide the link.

  4. Hi Mohit,

    You need a license to run a demo database.

    However we do have plans to have a paid-by-demand access to a demo system in the future.



  5. Former Member

    Is there a specific version of the SAP B1 o.2 for HANA? Or does this course cover it?

    1. Hi Douglas,

      The Academy pages are not updated anymore.

      Please refer to the Learning Hub platform to get training for version 9.2.

      Please find detailed instructions for entering the Learning Hub at the head of page.