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Development Tools

SAP Business One Web Services wrapper (B1WS) exposes the DI Server functionality as Web Services to provide a better usability. Developers only need to add the web references to the B1WS web services (presented through wsdl files) and use the services with the auto generated object model. Development time is then reduced with the use of B1WS.

SAP Business One DI Event Service

SAP Business One DI Event Service runs on top of the existing SAP Business One SDK interfaces and provides notification of events related to SAP Business One DI API objects through a listener-based interface.

Test Tools

B1TE: SAP Business One Test Environment Tools  
The SAP Business One SDK provides several programming interfaces to build solutions. In this document we will present a set of software tools, called B1 Test Environment (B1TE) that helps to profile the usage of these interfaces by a solution. These tools do not require the source code or a development environment (e.g. Visual Studio) and can be helpful in many occasions, as:

  • to profile the execution in the performance tuning phase of development
  • to troubleshoot run-time issues in customer installations and to check possible compatibility breakages in add-on.

These tools are also used by SAP during ICC Certification. Here the list of the provided tools.

B1TC: SAP Business One Test Composer Tool 
SAP Business One Test Composer is an automation testing tool for SAP Business One. It provides a simple way for record/replay scenarios that can be used for testing as well as for demo purposes. The tool is built on top of the SAP Business One SDK and the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET environment.
Please use this link to download the tool setup, source code and help file.

Implementation Tools

SAP Business One Dashboard Packaging Tool Setup 1.1
Starting PL12 of SAP Business One consultants can create Xcelsius dashboards and integrate them in the B1 cockpit. Here's where B1 Dashboard Package Wizard (B1DW) can help. B1DW is a B1 add-on that automates the B1 dashboard creation process. Using B1DW consultants can easily and automatically package a Xcelsius dashboard and make the whole stuff ready to be deployed on B1.


Building Web Applications with NetBeans and SAP Business One Web Services                  
This article demonstrates how developers can extend SAP Business One functionality using SAP Business One Web Services and Sun Microsystems' NetBeans IDE. The article details out how to use the NetBeans visual composer to rapidly create Web applications, drag and drop Web Services operations into the IDE editor, and enable tracing of the SOAP messages with the Message Handler module.


SAP Business One Solution Certification: Purpose, Process, and Tools from SDN (Time 01:03:55) 

This session will give you a quick overview on: What is the purpose of the certification, where to find information, where to go for questions, how to register for certification, what information to provide to SAP, how to prepare for the Test-Drive, how the B1TE tools from SDN will be used during certification. Download the presentation

SAP Test Composer Tool (Time: 00:51:57) 
This session is presenting SAP Business One Test Composer Tool features: how to use it to generate test scripts and run them automatically. Download the Presentation


New and Improved Test Composer, Part II: Custom Operations  

Test Composer 2.0 let's you develop your own operations so you can extend the capabilities of the testing tool.

New and Improved Test Composer, Part I  
The Test Composer for SAP Business One has undergone a major overhaul with the release of version 2.0. Here's an overview of the tool and what's new.