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Applies to:

SAP- Business ByDesign


We can add any required button on the application toolbar in SAP-ByDr. The "Page" Button and "MyButton" buttons are configured in the system. If you add these buttons, the system automatically associates the event handler, to close the floorplan. If you want to any other button, you need to write the required event handler. You can also configure a button to open a floorplan by configuring an object based navigation between floorplans.


Company:     ERP India PVT.LTD
Created on:    29-02-2012
Author(s) Bio
Harish Yarra

ByD Consultant.


The floorplan where you want the button is created.


--> Open Qa Floor plan ( you can choose any floor plan,on which you want button)

--> Open the screen Quick Activity Floor plan

--> Click On Display<=>Button 

stage:1.png !1.PNG
--> Open the Configure Toolbar, as follows:

--> slect the form pane then go to tool box then select the Advanced List Pane

--> Advanced list pane drag and drop on to the form pane
-->  In the Properties Explorer, select the AdvancedListPaneVariant in which you want to add a button.
-->  Under Toolbar Information - Use Toolbar, select True.[stage:
Under Toolbar Information - ListPaneToolbar, click  on it[stage:

Configure tool bar box will be opened.

To add a configured Button:

--> Under Available list, select "Page" or "MyButton" button, and click the right arrow button. The button is now   available in the Current list.


To add an application specific button and configure  it manually:

--> Under Available list, select the required button or the Application Specific button, and then click the   right arrow button.


--> Under Events - OnClick, select New Event Handler.[stage:

--> The button are appeared on advanced list pane which you have added in cofigure tool bar box.



To add a button and configure an object based navigation:

--> Under Available list, select the required button or the Application Specific button, and then click the  right arrow button.

--> Select the Button under Current list then go to menu information click on Navigation.

stage:9.png --> Configure OBN navigation in the source and target floorplans. ( Configure an Object-Based Navigation in a Source Floorplan and Configure an  Object-Based Navigation in a Target Floorplan.).*[stage:

--> After completion of the above all operation click on ok button

--> Finally save and activate your changes in your Floor plan.