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The “Active Sales” app for SAP Business ByDesign on the iPad became available on iTunes recently and with so much focus on both Cloud and Mobility in the market I would like to share with you how easy this app is to configure and use.

This app is designed for the mobile sales force and will allow sales people to browse through the product catalogue and take sales orders both online and offline either by copying previous orders for that account or creating new ones.

Firstly it is important to point out that access to this mobile app for SAP Business ByDesign, like all the other SAP created mobile apps for SAP Business ByDesign is covered by the user based subscription price so every SAP Business ByDesign customer, that sells products or services could use this application immediately.

This application is incredibly easy to configure:

  • What do you need to get started:
    • iPad
    • SAP Business ByDesign system, user name and password
    • iTunes account to download the application
    • E-Selling web services activated - this is done through Business Configuration Work Centre -> Edit project scope -> 3. Scoping ->  Sales -> Selling Products and Services -> E-Selling
    • Publish a product catalogue - this is done via the Product and Service Portfolio Work Centre -> Product Catalogues -> New and follow the instructions. HINT, adding product images makes the mobile app look a lot nicer ;)
  • Download the application from iTunes using the link - (
  • Once it is installed on your iPad open the app by clicking on the icon:

  • Then add in your SAP Business ByDesign system version (Release), URL, and username as shown in the screenshot below by clicking on the settings icon in the top right hand corner

  • Download the published catalogue from your SAP Business ByDesign system by clicking on the “download Catalog” option from the settings.
    • For this to work you must have published a catalogue within your SAP Business ByDesign system.
    • The catalogue looks much better if you have some product images stored against your product master.
    • The published catalogue creates two separate files:
      • XML file with the product hierarchy, descriptions, prices (list), etc
      • ZIP file with the product images
  • Once the product catalogue is downloaded you can select an “Account”, the account information is pulled down from the SAP Business ByDesign system at which point you can create a new order or copy an existing order.

  • Add products from the product catalogue to your basket where you can also add a discount - if applicable of course.

  • The customer order can then be reviewed – note, if you are online the ATP check will be performed.


  • Once you press on the submit order button the order is sent to SAP Business ByDesign if you are online, if you are offline the order is stored in an outbox and then sent when the iPad is back online.
  • As you can see the open order is now reflected in the SAP Business ByDesign system

SAP is combining the Cloud and Mobility concepts to deliver really easy to configure and use applications which will help customers position their product lines, increase order accuracy and improve overall customer satisfaction through real time ATP checks by setting the right expectations for customers.

Hope this wiki page is helpful.

Roland van Breukelen

SAP Cloud PreSales - EMEA