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Here I explain how to create marketing leads in SAP Business ByDesign. Marketing representative creates a new lead.  A lead is a potential sale.


Company:   ERP India PVT.LTD
Created on:   06-03-2012
Author(s) Bio
Harish Yarra

SAP ByD Consultant.

How to create marketing lead in sap business by design

->Go to Marketing Work Centre in ByD portal after that under the marketing work center select Leads view.

->Go to common tasks and click on new lead.

->In the new lead screen click on new Corporate account

--> Enter data for marked fields following New Corporate account screen


-->After entered the all required data click on check for duplicates.



--> If there are no duplicates means it shows the message as “no potential duplicates found”, otherwise it will show duplicates then u can ignore and save it.



-->Click the save button, then corporate account is created.

---> Select “sales data” tab button and click on add row button. Each row represents sales details of particular organization.

---> Enter the data for the following marked fields in below given screen.

Click “add row” button and do the same thing for one more sales organization. It means assign the lead account to sales organization. 

--> Select “Contacts” tab button and click on “add row “button.


-->  Enter the first name and Last name 

-->Click the save button after that click on close button

-->Make a note on contact id also for our reference.

---> After successfully creation of corporate account goes to the new lead screen enter the lead description and make a note on lead and description.

--> Click on save button and after we get the successfully message click on Hand over Button.

After the completion of the above process particular employee login into the sap byd system he will have some leads. How to check the leads

Go to the New business work center and select leads. In that accept lead. Our work of creating marketing lead  is completed.