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SAP Business ByDesign.


In SAP ByD  key user is an employee whose role is to provide expert knowledge during the implementation, configuration, and daily running of the solution


Company:    ERP India Pvt.Ltd 
Created on:   09-02-2012
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Name: Harish Yarra

Designation: ByD Consultant

                                         Key User Administration In SAP-ByD

In SAP ByD  key user is an employee whose role is to provide expert knowledge during the implementation, configuration, and daily running of the solution.


Key users are typically responsible for the following topics:

  • Application and User Management
  • Business Configuration
  • Organizational Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Flexibility
  • Service Control Center

Application and User Management:

After deploying the ByD Application we need to track the day to day operations of your business. Application and User Management allows you as a key user to carry out key administration activities for the application from one central location. You can process and manage incidents. You are able to manage users and their access to work centers, lock and unlock user IDs, and reset passwords. You can control, test, and monitor IT-related changes in your system. You are able to create, edit and delete news items, and assign news items to different work center feeds. You can also configure and manage many other aspects of the application.


Application and User Management contains the following sections:

  • Work View
  • Incidents and Service Tasks
  • User and Access Management
  • Business Data Consistency
  • Task Distribution
  • Input and Output Management
  • Background Jobs
  • News Authoring
  • Compliance
  • Business Flexibility
  • Reports View
  • Application and User Management Task Types




Business Configuration:

Business configuration enables you as a customer to evaluate and quickly set up the SAP Business ByDesign solution to meet the specific requirements of your company. It also allows you to adapt and improve your solution at any time as your needs change.


Business Configuration encompasses the following sections:

  • Business Background
  • Overview View
  • Implementation Projects View
  • Reports View


The SAP Business ByDesign solution enables key- and end users to run reports whenever need, create what-if analyses, and view the granular detail. The built-in Analytics functions also enable key users to create reports to suit further business needs.


Analytics encompasses the following sections:

  • Business Background
  • Business Analytics
    • Design Reports
    • Design Data Sources
    • Design KPIs
  • Business Analytics and Collaboration Task Types

Business Flexibility:

Business flexibility enables key users to adapt and extend the SAP Business ByDesign solution as well as integrating it with external services.

a).Company Branding and User Interface Adaptation:

You can customize SAP Business ByDesign to reflect your company's branding, and you can adapt the user interface to meet your company's needs

b).Built-In Learning and Help:

You can upload your own learning and help content to supplement the built-in learning and help provided by SAP.

c).Extension Fields:

You can create your own fields on the SAP Business ByDesign user interface. Extension fields can be integrated into business processes, form templates, analytical reports, and many other usages.

Service Control Center:

The Service control center enables you to manage your SAP Store orders and service requests, display contact person details, and to monitor your systems.

It contains the following views:

  • SAP Store Orders
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • System Availability
  • Systems
  • Contact Details