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Any event which is not part of the standard operation of a service and which causes, or may cause, an interruption to, or a reduction in, the quality of that service, same thing can be happened in SAP BYD Application while end user working with it. For that SAP BYD is being given service support to clients 24x7 process.

Types of Services:

There are different types supporting services in SAP BYD business center based on incident severity and client requirement.

1, Service support in local language for clients at customers office hours 

2. After office hours and weekend times support is in English language those issues should be very high priority.

3. Initial Reaction time: it means maximum they will take 4 hours for an  one issue provided by 24x7 SAP BYD service.

Users involved in BYD Supporting process:

There are different types of users involved in ByD Business process supporting services.

1.End Users


3.SAP BYD Consultant.

Role of all users in End-to-End support process of SAP BYD

End Users:

Requesting for Solutions

-->Identify problem in ByD application screen.
-->Search for Solution (ByD Help Center, Support Case Documents, Business Center Wiki/Forums)  if No help found then Create Incident.

Getting solution from the key users

--> Receive and Confirm Solution and Test Solution or return incident to Key User.

--> if Correction is OK Confirm Solution.

Key Users:

--> Key-Users are users in a department or team who have a broad  understanding of a specific (application) area and can serve as 
    a first in-house contact for End-Users.

Requesting for Solutions:

--> Pick and open Incident in ByD Application Management Work center.
-->View context data and perform extended solution search (ByD Help Center,Support Case Documents, Business Center Wiki/Forums)
   if  No Help Found then Forward Incident to SAP Service & Support.

 Getting solution from the SAP BYD support consultant

--> Receive and Evaluate Solution.
--> Reject Solution or return Incident to SAP Support OR forward solution.
-->if Solution OK Forward Solution to End User.

SAP BYD Support Consultant:

--> Pick and Process Support Request in Support Backbone
--> View context data/Perform extended solution search in Support Studio Incident Root Cause Analysis through extended support tools
--> Process Incident jointly with ByD Development or SAP Managed
    Services/Hosting if required Return Solution to Customer Key User

Priorities of Incidents:

Based on the severity of the problem sap business by design has divided into categories.
There are four types of incidents:

Very High:

--> Major business processes are affected and crucial work cannot be performed. The incident requires immediate attention because it can result in serious losses for the organization. Security        related incidents must always be assigned to this priority. If you use this priority outside your standard local office hours, complete the incident in English, if possible, to allow 24x7 support.
--> In these cases SAP Support expects that the customer needs to have his issue resolved as soon as possible. hence we also expect the customer to provide a contact who is available for            clarifying details or receiving solutions accordingly.


--> Important business processes are affected and work of important nature cannot be performed. The incident
requires prompt attention because it can disrupt business productivity.


--> Business processes are affected, but there are only minor consequences in terms of business productivity.


--> The issue has little or no effect on business processes.


If an inappropriate priority has been chosen by the incident creator, SAP Support will adjust the priority after consulting the Key-User.

SAP Byd End-To-End Support process flow:

-->End user While working with sap business bydesign application, somewhere will get the errors for that every user in the system  can request help or support directly from within any Work           Center or Work Center View. Instead of going to create incident    first he will search for available information in order to solve the issue. If Issue is not solved then he will create the incident then     transferred to the key user.
-->Key user receives the Incident notifications from the End user. Open those incidents and he will try to resolve the incidents from his available information
-->If the problem is solved within key user place then it returned to end user.
-->The end user checks the solution, if the solution is correct then end user confirmation to key User. If solution not found for the incident at key user then will forward those incident to SAP BYD         support team.
-->the BYD Support team rectify the issue based on priority then returned to Key User then key user checks it if it is ok send confirmation BYD Support Team and solution send to End users.

Channels to support BYD service process:

Based on severity of our problem we can approach the BYD support team for Service.

1.BYD system is main Channel.(Through application creating incidents).

2.Business Center is in exceptional cases(

3.Through Telephone(First Contact your Local country phone number).

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