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The error 'Error loading template 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN' is generated while editing a Broadcast Setting or by calling the Broadcaster.

Reproducing the Error

  1. You may see this error while editing a Broadcast Setting, for example while assigning a variable value using the 'Create' link on the 'Workbook Precalculation' tab.
  2. The error can also appear by calling the Broadcaster, for example click on the BEx Broadcaster tab from Business Explorer in the portal.


    • Check what is defined in the 'Standard Web Templates' fields in transactions RSCUSTV27 and RSCUSTV21. If you want to use the default web templates (such as 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN) leave the corresponding fields empty. 
    • In transaction RSCUSTV27, 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN should only be defined in the last field, 'Ad Hoc Analysis'. All other fields should be left blank. This will ensure that the default web templates are used for every task.
    • If you check 'F1' over each field, you will see the default web templates available for that field. If any of the web templates are not activated then activate them in RSA1.
  2. If the problem still exists then go to transaction RSA1 -> Business Content -> Object Types -> BEx Web Template and activate 0ANALYSIS_PATTERN again.