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In case of performance issue when running CDS Queries use the following check list for troubleshooting:

  1. Hana Pushdown: Check whether the affected CDS query uses the feature exception aggregation and if yes, whether it is processed on the Hana database. See Data Aging and Hana Pushdown and Example for details.
    1. In addition avoid in such a case a length mismatch(table field X longer than the associated table field Y) in associations if possible since this leads to less optimal handling of corresponding selections(also hierarchy handling affected).
    2. Implement note 2941554 when key figures with currencies and units are used and when the pushdown takes longer than expected.
    3. For a query with currency conversion, only global query filters are passed on to the 'layer model' to prepare the conversion. If this takes longer than expected, check the global and local query filters(see Processing of Filter Values) and rather use global restrictions.
  2. Avoid unnecessary parameters in cube view (except e.g. for currency conversion parameters) and use instead filters in the query view(which in general is faster). 
  3. In contrast to the BW standard, SQL statements accessing analytics CDS views use bind variables instead of literals(OLAP default when SQL is used(e.g. see 2590224), on Hana, BW queries normally use the Analytics API - see SQL / HANA Analytics-API ). There are cases where this default setting can have a negative impact on the performance. You can use the annotation @Environment.SQL.PassValue: true in the CDS Cube to change this for certain fields. See Example.
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