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While working with BI content in transaction ST03n this ABAP DUMP appears 'Runtime Error RAISE_EXCEPTION'.  



ST03N BI Workload retrieves OLAP statistics data largely from MultiProvider 0TCT_MC01. 0TCT_MC01 consists of two InfoProviders 0TCT_C01 and 0TCT_VC01. Incorrect activation of BI technical contents can cause the ST03N BI Workload to produce these dumps. This can also happen if no source system has been assigned to InfoProvider 0TCT_VC01.


Check transaction RSA1 'Data Warehouse Workbench Modeling'. Refer to action 5 of SAP Note 934848.

    • Go to 'InfoProvider'.
    • Search for the InfoProvider 0TCT_VC01.
    • In the context menu of InfoProvider 0TCT_VC01 check "Activate Direct Access".
    • Click on the "Source Syst.for InfoSource 3.x" tab.
    • Activate the direct access by marking the source system name.
    • Save.

Refer to this help portal link in the SAP Service Marketplace for all of the InfoObjects that are required for data modeling to enable InfoProviders 0TCT_C01 & 0TCT_VC01. If any object is missing check if the BI technical content has been activated properly.
To activate the content use these Notes:

Note 934848 'Collective note: (FAQ) BI Administration Cockpit'
Note 965386 'Activating the technical content for the BI admin cockpit'

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