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Without creating a Bex Query the data of an infoprovider can be checked with so called 'Adhoc' queries.

There is a special syntax for this: <INFOPROV>/!<INFOPROV>.

In the below sample, the Adhoc queryfor the infoprovider NRSALE is requested by calling NRSALE/!NRSALE in the RSRT query window:

Executing an adhoc query, the initial view will display the key figures of the InfoProvider in the columns and the characteristics in 'Free Characteristics'.

Then drilldowns, filtering and navigations can be performed as in a regular query.

The Queries of that type that exist so far are the following ones:

  • Infoprovider/!Infoprovider: This is the normal "!"-Query that exists for every Infoprovider. It is a Query containing all Keyfigures and Characteristics of the Cube
  • Infoprovider/!!AInfoprovider: The "!!A"-Query basically is the same as the normal "!"-Query. The only difference is that the !!A-Query also includes the Navigational Attributes of the Infoprovider. If you in the BExAnalyzer or in the Web Runtime only report an an Infoprovider and not on a Query, it will actually be the "!!A"-Query that will be executed in background.
  • Infoprovider/!!1Infoprovider: The "!!1"-Query is the so called Planbuffer-Query. This Query is important when on basis of this Infoprovider there was created an Aggregation Level for planning on the Provider. If there is created a Planquery on an ALVL, inside the Planquery there is always executed the Planbufferquery. That´s why in Planning Scenarios you can always see a nested Query call of the "!!1"-Query.
  • Aggregationlevel/!!IAggregationlevel: The "!!I"-Query is used in the Planning Modeller and furthermore in the BEx Analyzer when opening an Aggregation Level as a query. In the Planning Modeler there exists a test environment for testing for example the correctness of planning functions or for entering some data manually without having to build an own Query. In those Scenarios the "!!I"-Query is executed. Important is that this Query is input ready. So inside this Query as inside all other Planqueries there will then be called the "!!1"-Query.
  • Infoprovider/!!OInfoprovider: The "!!O"-Query is a special Query that only come into play in BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation)-scenarios. As they have special cubes in BW this is a special Query for those Cubes only. (The O was chosen, because the former name of BPC was Outlooksoft)




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