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Using Advanced Filtering, SAC allows you to create filters based on multiple dimensions by defining a set of logical conditions. Such kind of filters are also refered to as multi-dimensional or complex tuple filters. When using SAC BW Live Connection complex tuple filters can be 

As outlined in SAP Note 2788384 The "Advanced Filtering" button in the UI is not available, because the create dialogue is not supported. Also, the Advanced Filtering feature is not available within standard BW reporting environment and has specifically been enabled for SAC. The following technical restrictions need to be considered:

  • Dimension(s) required for BW time-based variance (current member) handling cannot be used in multi-dimensional tuple filters., see Time-Based Variances (Specifics for SAP BW).
  • Tuple filters must not include the special 1CUDIM dimension (filtering on this dimension is generally not supported by BW).
  • Complex tuple filters defined in a widget will be discarded in case that a hierarchy will be activated for a dimension. 


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