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The determination of the portal language is described in the following help documentation:

Iview language > portal mandatory language > user profile language > browser language > portal default language > etc.

If you want that all users use the portal and iviews in English/German you could set a Portal Mandatory Language.

1696439 - Changing the Default or Mandatory Locale for a 730 Enterprise
1008713 - BI JAVA: Logon language of BEx Web Applications Java
1600962 - BEx Web: URL Parameter LANGUAGE not always working

To logon language of a BEx Web Application is determined in the following sequence:

1) user-specific language defined in user administration

       If you are using an ABAP user administration, see note 780271 about details of the "Use of logon language".

2) if is not defined for the corresponding user, language defined in browser settings

           e.g. in Internet Explorer:

                  Tools -> Internet Options... -> General -> Languages...

3) both settings above will be overwritten by the iView property named:

SAP NetWeaver 7.0/7.01: Logon Language

SAP NetWeaver >= 7.30: Forced Request Language


For testing purposes you can define the language using query string parameters:


COUNTRY=<country> (optional)



However, this is not recommended for productive usage as the query string parameters won't influence BEx Broadcaster and KM dialogs.

Furthermore, this is designed for the execution of single BI reports only. The parameters won´t be considered in certain cases, like jumping to other applications via Report-Report-Interface (RRI). Also, the parameter will not influence language dependent texts saved in bookmarks, but dynamic data part will be influenced.

SAP will always offer the localization properties file depending on the languages available in Internet explorer. Any application which follows Locale ISO Standard will consider the Language parameter value as only the first 2 characters. It means if 'LANGUAGE=ZH' is added to the query string then this takes 'Chinese' but if we provide 'LANGUAGE=ZH-TW' thenalso application will only consider the first 2 characters i.e ZH and will still execute and show the masterdata texts in 'ZH' language. So, language parameter value must be having only 2 characters as part of Locale ISO Standard. You can verify the authenticity of the furnished information directly in Sun Microsystems’ JAVA API in the "LocaleISOData.Java" class.

Be aware, that the restriction of parameter "LANGUAGE" is also in case you are loading BOOKMARKS. The BOOKMARK infrastructure is designed to save all language dependent texts in the language, which is used at point of time as the bookmark is saved. The texts will be not reloaded in other languages any more. Example: Web Application is executed in German, and then a bookmark is saved. This bookmark has all the texts in German language only, even if it will be executed by any user in English.

In case use parameter "LANGUAGE" in the URL, you can see mixed languages in the Web Application:

Saved bookmark language in all texts and the URL parameter language in the data area.

The default language for iView is taken as English. The language defined in the iView setting takes the highest priority

while determining the language. If the iView language is left blank, it will take default which is English.

1461079 - Portal is language dependent

How to change your portal Language:

- Goto to your internet explorer

- Goto tools

- Internet options

- Languages

- Then add the language you wish to logon in - example German

- Then highlight the language and select move up

- Now complete the steps mention above again and the portal language


To change the iView language use the following path:


then select the iView for 7.x.


1. for the portal's display language setting priority
         -portal user's profile language setting -priority 1
         -IE language setting  -priority 2

This means when you set the user profile then there is no effect with IE language setting.


2. How does the system works? 

Normally if you want to display different languages description in portal, you need to logon the Query Designer

with relevant language and maintain the relevant language's description. If not, then system will translate the original

element's default description to the language that you set in the user profile.


-portal user's profile language setting =GE

-QD:Fomula 1 =default description(no GE description maintained

Dispaly result:Formel 1 (change from Fomula 1)

If there is not original description, element's technical name will be displayed. This is a correct system behavior.

This documentation gives the order in which the language is looked up for a user in portal


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