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In the following we dicuss a simple example to the topic Ambiguous Join, chapter 'Provider supports 'Local Grouping'

InfoProvider with two Ambiguous Joins


This HCPR supports Local Grouping(see Ambiguous Join, chapter 'Local Grouping') since the join fields are always the same and hence there is no bad characteristic which is also a join field.

E.g. for the key figure 0QUANTITY we have the following bad characteristcs

  • 0UNIT

In the BW Modeling Tools of the Hana Studio the HCPR definition is as follows:

Query with key figure 0QUANTITY

The query contains only the key figure 0Quantity and the following (free)characteristics:

When we take a look at the Technical Information in Transaction RSRT, we can see the join fields and all bad characteristics(highlighted) under 'Non-Visible Drilldown Characteristics':

We run the query in Transaction RSRT and use the button Execute&Debug: 

 In the Trex statement(see SQL / HANA Analytics-API  ) we see that, in addition to the characteristic STPEDSTR3(Distribution Channel in the Rows), all join fields are requested:

However, when STPEDSTR3(Distribution Channel) is removed from the drilldown, the join fields are not requested!


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