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BRAIN_DEV 300: Ambiguities for key figure XY cannot be resolved. Remodelling required.

In the following we discuss a simple example to the topic Ambiguous Join, chapter BRAIN_DEV 300. We use the two HCPRs of Example AJ2 and Example AJ4 and focus on the key figure 0Quantity. This key figure has different ambiguities(different bad characteristics) in these HCPRs. We now put these two HCPRs(Union) in a new HCPR the following way:

When you check the HCPR, the following error occurs.

So, in this case it is not guaranteed that a BW query delivers correct results. Hence, this provider has to be remodeled(see also long text of the warning BRAIN_DEV 300). If we ignore the warning and create a simple query(adhoc query), the following result is displayed(compare with the result below):


It is required to have two separate key figures on the level of the HCPRs which are then mapped with 0Quantity of the partproviders. Hence, we create a new HCPR defined as follows:

Query with Formula

In the query we calculate the sum of the two basis key figures:

We run the query in Transaction RSRT:

For comparison:

Adhoc Query of partprovider STPE_HCPR_42

Adhoc Query of partprovider STPE_HCPR_42


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