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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to the logging of analysis authorization in BW system.


This Wiki describes how the changes made in the analysis authorization are stored in BW system and how to manage this content depending on the BW system version.

Analysys Authorization

All changes on the analysis authorizations are logged on CL-tables, which is by design and desired.

The tables are organized as follows:

  • RSECVAL_CL table: changes in the values (intervals) authorization.
  • RSECHIE_CL table: hierarchy node authorization.
  • RSECTXT_CL table: text authorization.
  • RSECSESSION_CL table: overall table that connects the changes via a unique key (sessionid). 

For BW 7.X releases, there is no automatic mechanism delivered that deletes old entries and the growth in principle cannot be lowered as it is due to changes made.

An archiving object for these tables is available for BW 7.3 release. Check the SAP Help link below:

Archiving Change Records of Analysis Authorizations

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