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Analysis Process Designer (BW-EI)

Expanded Infrastructure (BW-EI)

A tool for modeling analysis processes.

The Analysis Process Designer provides a graphical interface to model analysis processes.

An analysis process is built using nodes and data flow arrows. The nodes stand for data sources, transformations and data targets. The dataflow arrows model the sequence in which the data is read and transformed.

The Analysis Process Designer is a workbench for the creation, execution, and monitoring of analysis processes. Data from different data sources in the BI system can be combined, transformed, and staged for analysis in several individual steps so that it can be resaved in data targets in the BI system (DataStore objects for direct update or InfoObjects with attributes), or in a CRM system.

Using the relevant interfaces of BI objects, data can be read (also by RFC if necessary) for further processing.

Interface Properties:
  • Read interface
  • Programming language is ABAP
  • Mass data is supported
  • Execution in background
  • Programming proficiency is required (for reading data from targets)
  • Reads data from attributes of a characteristic, InfoProviders, queries, files, and database tables