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Logical system name conversion can be performed by using

  • Transaction BDLS or program RBDLSMAP
  • Program RBDLS2LS

Programs looks for all references to fields of data type "LOGSYS" and "EDI_PARNUM" and changes these values to the new logical system name (from the old one).

System will always convert the whole column or nothing; Partly conversion is not possible. Root cause why system did not convert the column: duplicate entries

BDLS should not be executed on a productive system (SAP Note 544509)

Recommendation for executing BDLS:

  • Test run: tables will be determined and program will be generated
  • Always check the log after BDLS execution and make sure that table RSBASIDOC has been converted. Duplicate entries are only possible in case the original system is connected to the overwritten system as a sending or receiving system.  Have a look at SAP KBA 2005253 and do not execute any further steps in order to avoid a new BW system copy.

Exclude large tables

SAP Note 1894679 Avoiding the conversion of BW DataStores by BDLS

SAP Note 932032 BDLS: Special conversion for large tables

If you use  RBDLS2LS the following notes should be considered as some BW specific tables will not be converted:

SAP Note 1826348 RBDLS2LS does not convert BW specifc tables

SAP Note 1831378 BDLS does not convert BW specific tables

SAP Note 1547980 BDLS Performance

parallel RBDLSMAP execution for the same logical system name combination:

SAP Note 2179906 parallel execution of report RBDLSMAP on a BW system 

Further notes which could be interesting for BW systems

SAP Note 2145181 BDLS: Conversion of multiple logical Systems
KBA 2300237  Warning messages during client copy
SAP Note 2512612 Deletion of obsolete SAP HANA objects after a system copy