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In Compounding characteristic , two characteristics are combined to each other to ensure the ability to uniquely define values of the info-object. The technical name is generated by both technical names of the two characteristics combined by two underlines "__".

The texts in the text table are for the complete compounded key in case of compounded characteristics. for example 0COSTELMNT is compounded with 0CO_AREA. for every one combination of both , there will be a different text maintained. below is the snapshot from the text table of Costelement.

for controlling area value 1, there are cost element values 3,4,9,10,11 and all have different text Materialkosten, Personalkosten, Energiekosten, Wasserkosten,Fuhrparkkosten

1 and 3 ; text Materialkosten
1 and 4 ; text Personalkosten
1 and 9 ; text Energiekosten etc..

Important Behaviour in Query Designer while restricting the characteristic:

Only One member will not fetch the DB text other words,There is no text at all when you have only one of the compounded characteristic. Text will only be seen when both joining characteristic are present. An individual text can't be displayed because the compounded characteristic is not specified for this restriction.Text can be seen in the select filter value screen on the left side but once the characteristic is filtered or restricted, text will be lost as the context is lost between the two characteristic. For each characteristic value for which the higher-level characteristic value can be determined, the text for the compounded characteristic value will also be determined.

For Example: In the Select Filter value window ,you select the restricted value (called Selector) you'll see on the left hand side all available combinations of the characters with an individual text.

By leaving the Selector the individual text is gone because now the context is lost between the two characteristics. Now you will see in the below snapshot, the costelement is restricted with values (1000000003 , 1000000005, 1000000008) and the property is set Key + Text but the display is only key values.

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